Interview: Weathering the Pandemic

With Alex Drywa of Manhattan Walking Tour

June 10, 2020


I got to sit down (virtually) with my former client-turned-friend-turned-client-again and Co-owner of Manhattan Walking Tour, Alex Drywa, and got to chat about the biggest thing affecting nearly every small business right now, especially tour providers.


00:20 – Introduction to Alex and MWT
05:30 – What’s life like for MWT right now?
07:00 – How are your restaurant partners being affected?
08:40 – Will restrictions like occupancy limits in different places impact the experience of your tours?
10:33 – What’s the overall vibe among other tour operators in NYC, and how are they getting creative with how to weather the storm?
16:23 – What lasting impacts do you see this having on operators or the industry?
19:45 – What advice would you give to others to help them maintain the same positive mindset you have?
23:30 – Feel free to use Alex as a resource or support group

Alex Drywa - Manhattan Walking Tour

Celebrating their 10th year! Make sure to visit them when you’re in NYC.


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