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Social Media Manager PROGRAM

Turning a time-consuming piece of your marketing strategy into something you can forget all about and be proud of at the same time.

Perfect for tour and activity providers who spend too much time wondering what to post or why they’re even doing it at all.

How it works

Hover over each box to learn more about the 6-step process to mastering social media.

1 - discover

we want to become you

1 - discover

We want to know everything about you. What do you sell? What do you stand for? Who is your audience? What do they find interesting? What are your goals with social media? What separates you from others?

2 - plan

what should we post?

2 - plan

Time to get creative. We put together a list of different types of things we can post including everything from your products to how your team spends their days off.

3 - compile

a database of content

3 - Compile

We work with you to put together a library of content that our team can choose from to schedule in future posts.

4 - draft

a new batch of posts are crafted

4 - draft

Each month, we create all of the posts that will be going out the upcoming month, following our content plan and goals, and send to you for approval. 

5 - post

send it

5 - post

Once approved, the posts are pre-scheduled at their designated and optimal dates and times.

6 - report

how’s it going?

6 - report

Each month, we show you exactly what was posted and the effects it had on our goals.

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“As the owner of a small business, I have less and less time to do projects and have to rely on smart people who can digest my vision and general direction into efficient and effective results. The investment of his contribution has already been paid off through our new offerings.”

Laura Falk

“Dalton has been great to work with. He has helped us take a different look at social media and helped us get on the right track!. In the market for a different perspective on your marketing? Need help in developing a website? Dalton is your guy!”

Andrea Miller

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