Driving more sales through compelling and effective advertising.

Perfect for tour and activity providers who struggle with not filling their tours or reaching a larger group of customers.

How it works

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1 - Assess

Becoming an expert on your business

1 - Assess

We look at your current needs, goals, timeline, budget, as well as exactly what we want to advertise and to whom we want to target.

2 - build

assembling the tools

2 - build

We construct the new campaigns including groups of target audiences, ads with varying visuals, headlines, text, and calls to action, and tests that will help us continue to learn how we can get a greater return on your investment.

3 - launch

crossing the starting line

3 - launch

We push the big green button and release the ads to the world.

4 - track & tweak

turning weaknesses into strengths

4 - track & tweak

We’re consistently monitoring the ads’ performance compared to our goals, and based on what the information is telling us, we make adjustments to continually improve.

5 - report

you deserve to know how your money is spent

5 - report

Each month you’ll receive a report on our efforts to show you exactly where your budget is applied, how it’s doing so far, what we’ve learned, and any takeaways up to that point.

6 - scale

we want to grow with you

6 - scale

As we’re improving the performance of the ads, we can then decide if increasing the budget or increasing the size of our audience will allow for a greater and greater return.

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From Our Clients

“As the owner of a small business, I have less and less time to do projects and have to rely on smart people who can digest my vision and general direction into efficient and effective results. The investment of his contribution has already been paid off through our new offerings.”

Laura Falk

Owner, Experience! The Finger Lakes

Dalton has been a rock during these uncertain times! We started a company at the end of 2019, and he helped us navigate and survive through all of 2020. His knowledge of digital ads definitely helped avoid wasting money when the budget was tight!

Alex Drywa

Co-Owner, St. Augustine Experiences

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