Virtual Events: What to Make of Them

Approaching virtual events with a different mindset

January 28, 2021

We’ve been in this virtual Covid world for about 10 months now and as we look around, we see others having a lot of success hosting virtual get-togethers, virtual tours, virtual wine tastings (see my friend, Laura Falk, at Experience! The Finger Lakes for this), while some wonder what to think of all of it. I’ve been asked recently, “should I be doing anything like that”, and “is it worth it?”

At a time when you feel stuck at home and your main source of revenue is being out with people, you may feel torn between feelings of screen-fatigue and having no other option. Don’t worry, we’ve been there as well. But in a conversation I had recently with Amy Koren-Roth, owner of Taste of Troy Food Tours, we decided to look at virtual events a little differently…

If you’re in a smaller city or secondary market where you’re more likely to build recognition for your brand and yourself, virtual events can be the perfect way to do that!

Why we love them

  1. You don’t have to leave your home
  2. Organization is minimal
  3. It’s easier to get more people in a central location
  4. It’s safe for all attendees
  5. And it may be one of the only things you can do at the moment

Instead of looking at virtual events as a way to make money (which they certainly can), I’d like to encourage you to look at them as a way to keep strengthening your brand, building connections with the community, and familiarizing more people with who you are. It will pay off in the long run!

Dalton Barton - Owner

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