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April 25, 2023




Facebook Ads


$103,133 in bookings on $4,247 spent for a 24x ROI.

The Challenge

Located in the nation’s capital, the thought was that most of their audience would be tourists. However, we found the vast majority of web traffic was coming from nearby suburbs and the city of DC itself. We learned that the client frequently received feedback from local customers that they had only recently learned about that and never thought that this activity was something that existed right in their backyard.

The Solution

We decided that the demographic of DC – young, social, willing to spend money – was the perfect group. A Facebook ads campaign was set up to target locals within a specific age range with the intent of maximizing exposure to a new audience by showing ads where they already spent time, instead of waiting for them to make a Google search.

The Results

Last summer (May-August 2022), Facebook ads drove

  • 772k impressions at a cost of $0.006/impression
  • $103,133 in bookings on $4,247 spent for a 24x ROI

We can also theorize with confidence that the high level of exposure (informing ¾ of a million young adults in/near DC about this activity) will lead to an increase in organic traffic and bookings.

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