Local Pros Maui

April 25, 2023




SEO, Keyword Ranking


Over the course of 9 months, average keyword position increased from 39th to 17th

The Challenge

Local Pros Maui is a small surf school in Lahaina, HI run by former professional surfer, Kevin Sullivan.

Kevin wanted to grow his bookings like any business owner and although he didn’t have a large budget, he did have patience and was willing to commit to a long-term organic growth strategy.

The Solution

A somewhat limited marketing budget but focus on long-term goals meant we decided to approach Kevin’s marketing with our smaller Search Engine Optimization package. We combed every piece of the website and Google business page to optimize title tags and existing content, adding new pages, consistently building backlinks, and more, while closely measuring the change in how he ranked for a specifically curated list of keywords.

The Results

Over the course of 9 months, the number of keywords that ranked within each spot grew as such:

  • Ranking 1st: From 2 keywords to 10
  • Ranking 2nd-5th: From 5 to 41
  • Ranking 6th-10th: From 1 to 27
  • Ranking 11th-20th: From 26 to 84
  • Average ranking position: From 39th to 17th
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